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 Bummer! Most likely your firewall administrator, parent, IT department or content filtering software has blocked the site you were trying to reach, and has redirected you here instead. Sorry about that! is the default url many firewalls redirect their blocked traffic to.

Not being blocked?

 If no one is blocking your internet connection, it is also possible that you may be infected by a virus or have picked up some spyware, or a rootkit while out browsing the ‘net somewhere. - If so, we highly suggest you check your system with a quality antivirus solution. . Click here to compare pricing & features on different antivirus / anti-spyware products.

Content filtering / Parental Control

Parental Control

As a technician to many small & medium businesses, I have had countless people ask me what the best way is to keep their kids safe while online. Click here to view different products to protect internet browsing & use for kids.

Content Filtering

If you’re looking for a commercial application or hardware appliance to protect your network, and give the administrators control over bandwidth usage, filtering unwanted websites, blocking unwanted internet usage during working hours, etc, please click here to view software and hardware based internet security & content filtering for the business.

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