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Content filtering - what is it, how it works

Content filtering is simply monitoring network traffic, typically going to the internet, and intercepting the content before if is either displayed to the end user or computer. Once the content is intercepted, often the content filtering product, whether hardware or software based, either redirects the end user to another page or site, and/or displays a message. Normally the end user is told the site was blocked, and for what reason. Occasionally. an administrator will simply allow the connection to time out, or redirect it to a nonexistent site as well.

Parental controls, home content filtering

One of the most popular and well known parental control programs available is Net Nanny. Too many features to list, please follow the link below to check current prices and features.

Webroot parental controls - from the maker of Spy Sweeper, one of the better anti spyware programs available - Three user version here, click the image link on the left for a single user version.

A lesser known but interesting program is Anti-Porn by tueagles - Please follow the link to see the current price & features - trial version available

Network traffic monitoring, business content filtering

Personally, I use iptables on linux for most of my business clients, and highly reccomend it, but there is a great deal of information on the web already, and would take too much time for this short site. For some out of the box solutions with commercial support, Sonicwall firewalls have built in content filtering available, but be careful to read the requirments, as some need extra licenses to use certain features. Another great feature, besides content filtering and excellent usage logging, is the VPN capability of most appliances.







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