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If your computer is running slowly, or if you are getting lots of popup windows even if you’re not on the internet, you could very easily have a virus or spyware on your computer. Some viruses do bad things to your computer, such as deleting data, formatting your hard drive, etc, while many of today’s virus & spyware infections do much more. Often, the spyware nowadays is more motivated by financial means, whether to attempt to steal your passwords, get personal information such as bank & credit card information, or to use your computer as part of a larger “bot network” to take down large servers & organizations. More info here:

While if often slows down the performance of the computer, unfortunately due to the prevalence of spyware & viruses, it is now necessary to have antivirus and anti-spyware programs running on your computer most of the time.

One of the best known anti virus programs is Norton. It performs checks on virtually all levels, including virus, spyware, spam and even has it’s own firewall built in.

Symantec Corporation Norton Internet Security 2008 - Complete Package - 1 User - CD - Win (Sold Individually)



Also very well known is Mcaffee Virusscan - works well for most infections, portions of it are also available as part of AOL’s security suite if you are a member or AOL.

Another great all in one package is Webroot’s Antivirus - and it comes with their award winning anti spyware program as well!

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